A Visionary Journey

Since 2009, ECO Remarketing GmbH has grown into a top e-waste recycling company.

We specialize in eco-friendly recycling of metals, electronic waste, and rare earth metals. With over 10 years of experience, we emphasize both environmental care and cost efficiency.

Strategic Global Network

ECO Remarketing GmbH has a strong global network which helps us find the best markets to get the highest returns on materials.

We can manage large amounts, which lets us get better prices. We pass these savings onto our customers by offering them competitive prices.

Sustainability and Innovation

In the complex tapestry of e-waste recycling, our adept knowledge has been our guiding north star, illuminating the path towards developing and implementing innovative, eco-centric methodologies in recycling practices. 

Sustainability, being the core of our operations, isn’t restricted to mere processes but extends to ensuring a minimal ecological impact, thereby, surpassing global e-waste management norms and ethical standards.

Harmonizing Technology and Ecology

At ECO Remarketing GmbH, we see e-waste as a valuable resource, not just trash. We aim to combine technology with eco-friendly practices.

Join us in recycling for a greener future, so today's tech doesn't harm our environment tomorrow.